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     I don't generally mind doing home cleaning but I absolutely hate doing the bathroom. So I've started hiring Ealing Cleaning Company to do it for me and it's so cheap and such a weight off my mind.
Terrace Yetlzib30/03/2018
     I was about to move out of my home when I realized doing so at short notice would be a problem. The place was a mess after I got my stuff out, so I had to clean a lot in a short time. I decided to ask for help by looking for a professional cleaning company instead, which would give me a chance to finish in time. Ealing Cleaners answered the call and they were amazing at it. Thank you!
Simon Baker28/09/2016
     I was left some great rugs by my auntie when she sadly passed away. They looked great in my lounge but then my friend told me about the cleaning company Ealing Cleaners. He said they do all kinds of cleaning and will come to your home with all the stuff they need for the job. It sounded so much easier than doing it myself and when I called them and found out how cheap they were too, I didn't hesitate!
Sharon Martin 14/07/2015
     Our business needs a regular and good quality cleaner as we struggle to attract and keep customers when our showroom is untidy. The cleaners we needed had to be able to clean a number of display items and that is why we chose Ealing Cleaners who are an all-rounder of a cleaning company able to clean bathroom items, upholstery and do very intense work like polishing our marble floors. The cleaners this company sends to us are very hard working and they work very quickly and efficiently. I would certainly be pleased to recommend them to other businesses in the area.
Anthony R.14/11/2014
     My hard floors need a great deal of attention and since I had a back injury I have been unable to do the necessary scrubbing and cleansing myself. I realised it must be high time to call in the professionals and so contacted Ealing Cleaners as they had a decent reputation in my area. I was certainly not disappointed as they did a very good job and left every floor in the house sparkling and shining. The fact that it did not cost a fortune also helps! A highly recommended service I would say!
Marella T.09/10/2014
     I have already recommended Ealing Cleaners to my neighbours and friends, and I'll tell you why right now! My experience with this company can be summed up in one word; fantastic. It was everything I could have hoped for from a cleaning service. The staff showed up on time, did their job properly and in a professional manner, and left a few hours later with my home looking spotless. There was no fussing, no complicated procedures involved - I just called them up and booked an appointment right there and then! A wonderful experience from start to finish, thank you for everything!
Serena A.29/08/2014
     If there was something I wasn't expecting from a cleaning service, it's friendliness and helpfulness. Sure, I was expecting them to do their job properly, but I was not expecting more than that. Ealing Cleaners provided a complete service - they're not just nice, they're well equipped too! They took care of some nasty marks that I was not even aware of - the kitchen tiles were sparkling, the carpets look like new... It is all just so wonderful! Anyone looking for a cleaner should definitely give this company a go before anyone else. I will certainly be hiring again!
Shauna I.21/08/2014
     I love this cleaning company! In fact I can stop using them for different services because they are such great value and they really get my home clean. So I think I can be considered a bit of an expert when it comes to Ealing Cleaners and the services they give. I have used their carpet cleaning service, upholstery cleaning service as well as their general cleaning service. I have also used the special cleaning service when I wanted to have the oven cleaned which was looking, admittedly, in a bit of a state. This company as always sent me cleaners who got the job done in the time at all. This company is tops if you want your house cleaned professionally for a good price.
Sarah G.13/08/2014
     Having never really used a cleaning company before, I don't really know head nor tail of the business, but I do know that whenever Ealing Cleaners come and clean at my place, I am always astounded by how excellent the house looks when they are finished! You never really know what you are going to get until the job is done, and luckily I was extremely impressed in this instance. A great team of people as well, they were very nice to talk to and we got along very well, so top marks to all who were involved.
Mark Brooks14/05/2014
     I am extremely happy to say that I have been using Ealing Cleaners for a long while now, and they really are excellent! An all round brilliant service, I can't recommend them enough. My house seems to be in constant need of cleaning, as my three young children are pretty messy, and I am so busy with looking after them and working, that I never seem to have the time to do a proper job! Luckily, the cleaning service ensure that the house always looks perfect, and I am seriously grateful to them for that!
Dana N.29/04/2014
     My offices were quite the site - dusty blinds, dirty carpets and a smell of take away lunches that has seeped into each and every item somehow. So, when a friend recommended Ealing Cleaners, I was optimistic yet sceptical. However, they transformed my office to the point where we all enjoyed spending so much time in it and actually wanted to come to work every day. The office looked and smelled fresh, clean and my expensive printers and computers were unharmed. With a very small fee to pay in return, I have never not wanted to have my office cleaned by them - thank you!
Ronald Bailey Jr.27/03/2014
     Even though I've been spending a lot of time in my house in my old age, I definitely didn't want to be wasting my twilight years on the house cleaning! After years of doing scrubbing and bleaching and vacuuming I decided I'd be kind enough to let someone else have a go, and I called Ealing Cleaners to hire a professional cleaner! The cleaner was very nice and got to work right away and without any problems. It's great to have someone do my dirty work for me, and I have a lot of spare time on my hands now as well! It's hard for me to get into those high corners and dusty places, but my cleaner always manages! Very good service!
     Ealing Cleaners provides a great home cleaning service. I was looking for a reliable cleaning service that could provide routine cleaning for my home. I was looking for a service that could be trusted to come in when I wasn't home. They were able to provide just the service I was looking for. They were diligent and respectful and could surely be trusted. They provide a thorough clean, dusting and mopping the living spaces. When I return from work, my home is clean and tidy. Their service is affordable and diligent, I would definitely recommend them to anybody who needs a good clean.
Charles M.18/02/2014
     When you are a small business it is important you keep your working environment in good shape to provide a productive atmosphere in which to work and hopefully grow the company. Ealing Cleaners have been cleaning our office for the best part of five years now, and we can't fault them. They clean outside of our working hours so we aren't inconvenienced at all, and they listen to and act on any feedback we provide quickly. They just seem to go that extra mile to keep us happy, which we really appreciate, it must be said. Keep up the good work guys!
Tony Foster30/01/2014
     Professional cleaning services were always something I'd wanted to have for my home because I just really hate cleaning! I have a big family and the house is always a tip so I finally caved and hired Ealing Cleaners. I thought their prices were really reasonable and the service was excellent. My house looked great when my cleaner had finished and I couldn't find a fault even if I tried! I've told all my friends about this service and they've all had a nosey at my house and been just as impressed as I am! Will be calling this company again!
Julie D.21/01/2014