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How To Steam Clean Effectively

How To Steam Clean Effectively

What is steam cleaning?
Steam cleaning is similar to commercial carpet cleaning machines however there are some differences. Most carpet cleaning companies use a sort wet extraction machine which uses hot water rather than just steam. Steam cleaners concentrate more on steam alone so use very little water; however both are extremely effective at cleaning carpets and upholstery.

What are the benefits of steam cleaning?
Steam vapour uses very little water during its cleaning process so the drying time is so much quicker than any other type of cleaning aid, this is great for those who are moving out of rented accommodation and have very little time to clean and dry the place before handing the keys back.

Steamers do not use products so they are friendly to anyone who suffers from allergies; they are also great for combating mould, bacteria, dust mites and killing viruses like disinfectants without detergents so health wise they are remarkably good!

Are they affordable?
There are a wide range of products available from high end market to cheap and cheerful models but if your do not wish to fork out for these types of machinery you could always hire the expert domestic cleaners to come in and do the steaming for you.

What is the best steam cleaner?
All steam cleaners are effective and when looking to buy one, you will notice that there are two main types. You can either opt for the hot and dry version that uses a boiler to heat the water or go for the cooler but more humid version that generally holds more water at a steady humid temperature rather than boiling point.
Both steamers have their perks so it comes down to personal preference, which one you should use.
Do you want less moisture and quicker drying time? Go for the boiler version!
Do you want a long lasting effective steam clean that does not require regular refill although still produces effectiveness? Go for the humid version!

What about the portable versions?
You may or may not have heard about the portable version; it’s a smaller handheld steam cleaner and extremely handy.
They are far less powerful than you regular full size steamer but are still very effective for tackling smaller areas like a hob or stove.

Steam cleaning is extremely effective and a much kinder (more environmentally friendly) way to clean your home, not everybody is a fan of this modern method but once you get the hang of it, you quickly realise how extremely beneficial and effective it can be. It can save costs in the long run because it reduces the need to buy expensive household cleaning products and health wise it can work wonders. Artificial sprays and smells that are not exactly great for your health (especially when inhaled) can be replaced using a more natural substance, water vapour! This is also great for asthmatics who are often troubled by dust mites and dry air.

Some steamers are expensive but when you take into consideration how much you generally spend on household cleaning agents throughout the year, you quickly realise that it’s actually more cost effective, in the long run.
If you are still insure about opting for this environmentally friendly way of cleaning you home, you could always hire in the professional steam cleaners to see how beneficial and effective it really is. They will be able to show you how to do it and how it often cleans better than many detergents and products you may be using right now. They will also be able to show you how this method alone has multi-purpose uses for tackling different areas, around the home.